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Product name:Autoclave
1) Inner capacity: 18L 245mmX352mm 23L (245 450mm)
2) Rated Voltage: AC220V~230V,50Hz
3) Rated power: 1500VA
4) Pressure/Temperature: 0.90 1.30bar/121 ~122 2.00 2.30bar/134 ~135
5) Fuse: T10A
6) Water storage tank capacity: 4L must use distilled water. And water temperature
must under 40
7) Water volume for one cycle: 0.16L min 0.18L max
8) Operation temperature: 5 40
9) Outside size:18Liters,441mm width X389mm height X567mm(depth)
23liters, 441mm width X389mm height X667mm(depth).
10) Net weight: 18L,47KG; 23L,55KG
11) The board affording weight:4000 N/m2
12) Noise:<45db
13) Available space, size and capacity:190mmX190mmX310mm 12L
14) The maximum capacity of a plate:1000g
15) Water storage tank cleaning and the frequency of water adding: clean the water
storag e tan k once pe r hal f a month , you need to add fresh wate r afte r every 20
cycles generally.
16) The frequency of water draining: once a day, drain the water once you find waster
water over during operation.
17) The maximum duration of using loading test: 60min.
18) The maximum thermal radiation energy under the condition of 20 ~26 :<2000J.
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